Updated JTip

Notice: This plugin is no longer supported. It has been replaced by a much more robust plugin with many more features: clueTip. If you'd like to see a demo, one is available here.

This is the temporary home of a modified JTip plugin for jQuery.

Cody Lindley created the plugin.

Rey Bango and Karl Swedberg — with help from the jQuery mailing list — made the following modifications:

  1. The hide() method was added to the mouseout to correct an issue with Firefox
  2. An iframe was inserted to correct IE's problem with select boxes always getting top billing for z-index. The iframe was styled to cover the select box while remaining transparent, based on the CSS at <SELECT>-Free Layer
  3. If JTip appears to the left of the element hovered over, and if the JTip is too wide to fit entirely within the document window, its width now decreases to the widest possible without having any of it cut off.
  4. The JTip position now moves up if it's initially cut off at the bottom of the viewable area, and moves down to the top of viewable area if its height is greater than that of the document window.

Download the zip file:

Or grab the files separately:

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